At Ciralu, we are synonymous with exclusivity. Our pieces are an expression of art, where every design is inspired by the unique essence of every woman.

We believe in the independence of today's woman, without stereotypes or labels, and strive to emphasize the real beauty and female empowerment of each of our customers.

Elegant, fun, avant-garde, friendly – these are the four powerful words that define and represent Ciralu.

We approach our customers with warmth and optimism, like your best friend who is always honest and knows what looks fantastic on you.

We specialize in providing innovative and stylish lingerie and shapewear exclusively to the American market. Our collection features strapless bras, adhesive nipple covers, and adhesive breast tape, all designed to help women feel confident and comfortable in any outfit.

Mission: Our mission is to provide high-quality, comfortable, and stylish lingerie and shapewear that caters to the authentic, dreamy, enterprising, and independent woman of today. We aim to provide superior value and quality designs to all our customers, and we are committed to delivering great service to all our consumers.

Vision: Our vision is to design, manufacture, and market unique lingerie and shapewear that is inspired by all forms of art. We aim to position ourselves in the market as a socially responsible and successful company, with national and international recognition for our products, quality, prices, and service. We respect the rights and work of our collaborators and clients alike.

Ciralu is a brand committed to inclusivity, sustainability, and innovation. Our mission is to create fashion and beauty products that empower women while also protecting our planet. We believe in celebrating diversity and creating products that make all women feel confident and beautiful