With great cleavage comes great responsibility. Please take the time to read these guidelines. Your tatas will thank you. 

CIRALU adhesive products are made with very strong acrylic adhesive. This means that while this provides the lift and support our customers know and love, these products must be used with proper care and only in accordance with the instructions. Please read all information below to avoid skin injury. Please also read all cautionary statements, including in the box below, and all legal disclaimers provided herein and with the product.

CAUTION: CIRALU adhesive products are not for everyone or every skin type. It is of the utmost importance to take caution and care while using the Game Changer and Shape Tape adhesive products. Use of adhesive products like CIRALU’s may cause irritation or skin issues in some people, including potential stripping, tension injuries, non-allergic or allergic contact dermatitis, folliculitis, and skin changes or injury, including those due to trapped moisture. If you have any existing skin conditions or skin sensitivities, including skin allergies to adhesives, have cancer or are pregnant, breast-feeding, or lactating, or have any other medical condition, disease, or other concerns using any of our products, consult a healthcare provider before use. Do not place product over existing lacerations, abrasions, broken skin, sunburnt skin, or other skin wounds. This product is not intended for medical use and does not serve as a substitute for medical or professional care of any kind. For external use only. If you are or may be allergic to adhesive, acrylic, elastane or similar products such as band-aids (plasters), do not use CIRALU adhesive products. Carefully review and follow all instructions contained in the CIRALU safety guide and that which accompany your product. Improper application or use of the product in any way that does not comport with these instructions, including overstretching, and other failures to adhere to the safety guide, product instructions, and any cautionary statements, may result in skin irritation, a rash, blisters, abrasions, discomfort, or other physical injury. Removal of the product can cause a slight pulling of the skin, a burning or stinging sensation, and/or redness or similar changes in pigmentation. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not wear longer than instructed and allow a minimum of 72 hours between usage. Do not wear on excessively hot days or subject yourself to the sun for long periods of time, as this may cause your skin to overheat and can lead to skin irritation and injury. Stop use immediately if you experience itching, redness, irritation of the skin, burning, an allergic reaction, or any other discomfort while using the product and contact your healthcare provider. If you believe you have a medical emergency or any condition requiring immediate attention, call your doctor or 911 immediately.


This product is not intended for daily use. Please allow your skin 72 hours to breathe between uses. Longer use may lead to skin irritation or other discomfort.

If you are wearing adhesive tape for the first time, wear no longer than 3-4 hours at a time. Our products can are built to last up to 8 hours, however a shorter first-time use is recommended to introduce the tape to the skin. When exceeding the recommended use time on skin that is not familiar with the products for longer than advised, this can cause irritation and injury may occur. If you know you need them for a full day event,  please get used to the tape beforehand. We highly recommend you test the tape on a patch of skin before your first use to make sure you do not have any inadvertent reactions. And remember, you should never wear our products longer than what feels comfortable for you, especially if you plan to spend extended periods of time in the sun or hot temperatures. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or hot temperatures can increase the risk of injury, as the adhesive bonds more intensely with the skin.

If you have worn our tape or adhesive bra before with no reaction, we recommend a safe wear time of 6-8 hours. Experienced users can still experience skin overheating so please carefully read all information below.


We’ve developed the Game Changer Adhesive Bra and Shape Tape with a strong, hypoallergenic, heat-activated adhesive that bonds to the skin more intensely as your body temperature rises. This is also why our tape is sweat-proof and waterproof. Please be aware that there is a risk of water blisters occurring in environments where sweat is produced faster than it can evaporate. This blister can tear open upon removing the tape, so please keep that in mind and be careful when you are preparing to take off the tape.


As noted throughout this guide and in our caution statement, we do not recommend staying in direct sunlight for long amounts of time when wearing the products. Heat activates the adhesive and high temperatures can cause the adhesive to get extra sticky which may result in skin irritation or other harm to the skin, and , at minimum, is likely to make for a difficult removal. While this may only happen to a small percentage of users, you should not sunbath or take part in outdoor activities in the heat for extended periods of time while wearing the adhesive products.

Customers who choose to wear the tape in direct sunlight or in very hot climates, and otherwise against these instructions, do so at their own risk. Ignoring our guidelines may cause skin abrasions, irritation, blistering, among other possible issues.


Sunburnt skin is already irritated and sensitive. Applying an adhesive product will cause more irritation, soreness and even skin tearing or blistering. NEVER apply our products to broken, irritated or sunburnt skin.


Mature skin is naturally thinner and can be more susceptible to marking. Users aged 50+ should always patch test before use (which we highly recommend for users of all ages in any event). We suggest using it for short amounts of time to get the skin used to the products and recommend no more than 3 hours as a start, building up once you feel comfortable that there is no irritation. Excessive wear time may cause skin irritation, as it can in all users.


CIRALU adhesive products make use of a proprietary skin-mimicking adhesive pattern on backing of these products. This will sometimes leave a short-term imprint in the skin and can strip the area of any self tan. 




Always wear nipple covers or protect your nipples when wearing the products. If you do not have nipple covers, you can apply lotion or oil to the nipple area to prevent the product from adhering to this sensitive area.


Overstretching the tape can cause a tension injury. This occurs as the tape resists stretch and tries to regain its original shape, pulling at the skin and resulting in a tension blister, typically seen at the ends of the tape. 
If you are experiencing irritation at the edge of where the tape was applied, this may be a sign that the tape was over stretched and causing tension on the skin where the tape was anchored down. Over- stretching can lead to discomfort, irritation, marks, blistering, or other potential skin issues.


The Game Changer and Shape Tape are uniquely made with hemp fabric, which is a natural breathable fabric. Our products can be combined, and layered to create your optimal level of support, however, areas with multiple layers of tape on top of one another will naturally slow the evaporation of sweat and there is a risk of developing water blisters in high temperatures or prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.




Never try to remove the tape with dry skin or water.

The Game Changer and Shape Tape are waterproof and MUST be removed with oil or medical tape remover (baby oil & coconut oil work well). Saturate the entire surface area of the tape in oil, covering the fabric area completely, and leave for at least 5 minutes. The oil will help dissolve the adhesive and prevent any pulling of the skin during removal. 

After the oil has saturated the surface area of the product for five minutes, gently pick a corner with one hand and start to peel off, while holding the skin down and applying pressure just below where the tape is coming off, with the other hand.




Our tape is hypoallergenic and is free from zinc oxide and latex, however, if you are sensitive to adhesives, acrylic, elastane or similar products such as band-aids (plasters), do not use CIRALU adhesive products.

If you are unsure of any allergies do not use the products and consult a doctor first. if you’re not sure. If you experience itching, irritation, burning or discomfort, remove the tape immediately, stop all future use, and consult a medical professional.


If you are prone to heat rashes or skin getting hot and red, please be extra vigilant and do a test run of only 1-2 hours.


Skin sensitivity can differ from person to person and on rare occasions where irritation occurs, users may experience temporary redness, raised bumps or slight skin discoloration after use. It is normal to experience these, or redness or darker marks after removing the tape as the tape stimulates blood circulation to the area making the pores appear pink or darker. This is typically temporary and should fade as the skin cools and when the adhesive is removed from the skin. If you experience longer lasting discoloration, redness, or irritation you should discontinue use and consult a medical professional.  


We care about your tatas and we care about you. We have always aimed at being so much more than a brand and aim to be a movement in breast education and advocating for women's’ health. Our products are quality tested and checked to ensure they are safe for most skin types. With every precaution and expense undertaken, we can’t always guarantee our products will work well for everyone and every skin type. With proper use and adhering to our skin safety guidelines, serious injury is very unlikely. However, in the event you are not satisfied or experience discomfort after using one of our products, we want to know. Our Tata support line at hello@ciralu.com is (wo)manned by a team of lovely humans who genuinely care, so please get in touch if you have any concerns.

Ciralu is a brand committed to inclusivity, sustainability, and innovation. Our mission is to create fashion and beauty products that empower women while also protecting our planet. We believe in celebrating diversity and creating products that make all women feel confident and beautiful